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Our difference is that we have a proven approach designed over the past 30 years to bring every transaction to a successful close, and our process is personalized to YOUR needs.


Lou Bermudez, broker/owner, was one of the founders of the practice sales industry over 30 years ago!

Our knowledge, experience, contacts, expertise, and financing resources are unmatched with thousands of completed transactions. Whether you are looking to sell, acquire your first practice, have difficulty in related areas of lease negotiations, find financing, etc., we are here to help with quick response, expert recommendations, or a selling/buying strategy fit to YOUR needs.

As a leading medical practice brokerage firm, our extensive list of referrals bears testimony to the many years of successful transactions, outperformed projections, smooth transitions, and conservative planning.

Call it “old school”, but our goal is to get to know you on an individual basis, not just by emails; it takes discussing a career change, not just sending some pictures via text. To us, this is not just the purchase/sale of a business – it involves lives and careers. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Our motto is “Reliability You Can Trust – Proven Results You Can Count On”

We look forward to talking, meeting and helping YOU achieve your goals with regard to your practice!

Dental Broker in California

Do you intend to sell your dental practice? We want you to understand that you’re in good hands with Lou Bermudez. With years of combined experience, we’re consulted many dentists and have built one of the best successful dental transition businesses within California.

Dental Practice Brokers: An Overview

When selling a practice, a professional dental practice broker guides the dentist through all the transition process steps. Besides acting as a mentor throughout the process, experienced dental brokers assist in identifying highly qualified buyers who share similar philosophies and values as you do. Selling a dental office that you’ve built and cared for years can be both difficult and challenging. There are numerous reasons why successful dentists don’t do it individually.

Why sellers need a dental trader in Southern California?

Ready to sell your dental practice? Well, working with an experienced advisor provides invaluable support as you navigate this life-changing event. This advisor won’t just help you facilitate a smooth selling process, but will also use industry and market knowledge to ensure a precise valuation of your practice to acquire the best value. Plus, a professional dental advisor can assist you in practicing far faster than doing it alone.

We make your transitions perfect

Buying or selling a practice is a big decision that can influence your whole life. Lou Bermudez has the experience and knowledge necessary to guide you in the process of purchasing/selling to ensure a smooth ownership transfer.

Often, dentists don’t know where to begin or who to contact when it comes to purchasing or selling a dental practice. Our professionals have been assisting dentists in making the transition process simple for various years and can answer every question along the way. Lou Bermudez offers a wide variety of services that will assist you in every step of the way, from guidance regarding business ownership options to office selection insights.

Selling a dental practice?                    

Selling a dental practice begins with a value assessment. It’s important that an experienced professional perform a dental practice valuation to make sure it’s accurate and thorough. An in-depth consultation with Lou Bermudez kick starts the process where all the necessary information is collected to begin your valuation. Subsequently, we work with you to develop a list of qualified potential buyers for your practice. Lou has an established network of prospective buyers and has assisted in connecting numerous dentists looking to sell their practice to eligible buyers.

Believe us when we say, “Not all dental evaluations are created equal.” Buying/selling a practice is a big decision that may impact your life. Have a dentist business for sale? Call and make an appointment with Lou Bermudez.

Looking for dental offices for sale? Awesome. At DDS Practice Broker, we successfully connect the dentists’ present with their future. Let our experts find you the perfect match.

Are you looking for a trusted partner to assist during the transition? Buying or selling a practice? We’re experts in listing your dental office for sale in California and Los Angeles and connecting people to the best business opportunities.