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3 Reasons to Work With a Dental Practice Broker

Make no mistake about it … selling a dental practice is a delicate process!

The easiest of these may be in finding a buyer; and surely, the most difficult is in finalizing/closing the transaction.  From setting a price, navigating buyer calls, handling negotiations on pricing and terms, document preparation, tax planning, selecting escrow and all the calls and paperwork in-between, the process In California has gotten more cumbersome and complicated.

Then, there are Dental Practice Brokers, like Lou Bermudez, that specialize in this unique process and help the owner/dentist navigate the process toward a successful conclusion.

So, IF you ready to sell your dental practice, please don’t engage in the process on your own!

Let us assist you in navigating this life-changing decision.  As most knowledgeable about your practice and its patents, YOU will be involved to the extent of selecting the right buyer/right fit for your practice, in designing a transition that fits YOUR plans, in planning when to advise current staff of the sale, and involved in all the decisions involved in the sale without the hassles of the transaction.  Let a dental practice broker with 35+ years of experience guide you, coach you, take the blunt of negotiations and all paperwork responsibilities – all while not receiving a dime of compensation until the sale is signed, sealed and concluded !!

Lou Bermudez is a hands-on California Dental Broker!

He suggests, recommends and coaches; his services are focused to complete the transaction, but also mindful of the objective; Lou is with you (personally involved) from start to finish!  As such, Lou also:

Protects Your Privacy

Your staff and patients must learn about you selling your practice from you, and not through any chatter or rumors. A Dental practice broker like Lou will assist in the protection of your identity to make sure that your privacy is maintained through the use of anonymous listings, which ensure that your location and name of your practice are kept as anonymous as possible. He limits a prospects access to your financial data until the right time when interest is peaked.

Extensive Market Knowledge for a Faster Sale

A California Dental Practice Brokers like Lou Bermudez is aware of the fastest avenue in the market to help achieve a sale quickly, and at the best price. Not only does he have years of securing inquiries from potential buyers, but has also vetted and sifted through said list to recognize the best prospects, allowing for much time to be saved and allowing you to achieve the best selling price for your practice.

Making the Selling Process a Smooth Transition

Like any other expert, dental practice brokers improve efficiency and allow you to sell your dental practice efficiently. There are essential sale terms to be negotiated and recorded such as transition, staff retention, letters of announcement, collection of accounts receivables, etc., but to a California Dental Practice Broker like Lou Bermudez these are everyday matters that are checked off to YOUR satisfaction along the way to a smooth and efficient sale conclusion.

Bottomline:  If you’re looking for a professional Dental practice for Sale California, look no further than Lou Bermudez as your trusted source for information, guidance, sales planning, and dental practice sale broker. Give him a call now at 818-519-8564.